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Specialists in Public Funds Management

UACC specializes in providing investment management services to public entities in Ohio and California.  Our clients include counties, municipalities, school districts, various other public entities and non-profit organizations.

The firm’s professional staff has over sixty years of collective, fixed-income portfolio management experience.

UACC discovered the widespread use of derivative securities by various public entities before such problems were publicized in 1994.  In one example, UACC was retained by a public entity after realizing that their portfolio contained collateralized mortgage obligations with significant unrealized losses.  The firm restructured the portfolio with various US Government securities and implemented a comprehensive investment program emphasizing the protection of principal and current income.

During the nineties, UACC was retained by various public funds associations to study the impact of losses to public funds throughout the state, including the types of securities used and the investment management practices attributable to such losses.  The firm proposed investment alternatives, participated in drafting language for the initial legislation (Senate Bill 81), and provided recommendations to subsequent statutory revisions.

UACC’s Principal is a board member and instructor for the Center for Public Investment Management, a continuing education program administered by the State Treasurer’s Office.